Journal Papers 

  • Zhijun Zhang*, Yaru Niu*, Ziyi Yan, Shuyang Lin. Real-time Whole-body Imitation by Humanoid Robots and Task-oriented Teleoperation Using an Analytical Mapping Method and Quantitative Evaluation. Applied Sciences, Human Friendly Robotics, 2018, 8(10): 2015.                                                  (Impact Factor: 2.217, *Equal Contributions)

  • Zhijun Zhang, Yaru Niu, Shuyang Lin, Lingdong Kong, Hao Wang. A Real-Time Upper-Body Robot Imitation System. International Journal of Robotics and Control, 2019, 2(1): 49-56.

Conference Papers 

  • Zhijun Zhang, Yaru Niu, Shangen Wu, Shuyang Lin, Lingdong Kong. Analysis of Influencing Factors on Humanoid Robots’ Emotion Expressions by Body Language. 15th International Symposium on Neural Networks (ISNN), Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 2018: 775-785.

  • Zhijun Zhang, Lingdong Kong, Yaru Niu. A Time-Varying-Constrained Motion Generation Scheme for Humanoid Robot Arms. 15th International Symposium on Neural Networks (ISNN), Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 2018: 757-767.

  • Zhijun Zhang, Lingdong Kong, Yaru Niu, Ziyang Liang. Modification of Gesture-Determined-Dynamic Function with Consideration of Margins for Motion Planning of Humanoid Robots. Preprint, 2018.

Patents (CNIPA)

  • Zhijun Zhang, Yaru Niu. A Mapping Method of Human Postures Applied to Motion Imitation by Humanoid  Robots (Translated from Chinese). Published Authorization Number: CN107953331B. 

  • Zhijun Zhang, Yaru Niu. A Similarity Evaluation Method of Imitation by Humanoid Robots (Translated from Chinese).  Published Application Number: CN107818318A.

  • Zhijun Zhang, Yaru Niu, Hao Wang. A Mapping Method of Human Body's Rotation and Displacement Applied to Humanoid  Robots (Translated from Chinese). Published Application Number: CN108858188A. 

  • Zhijun Zhang, Yaru Niu, Hao Wang. An Evaluation Metric of Humanoid Robot and Human Posture Similarity (Translated from Chinese). Published Application Number: CN109064486A. 

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