Research Assistant

Cognitive Optimization and Relational (CORE) Robotics Lab

Georgia Institute of Technology

January 2020 - Present

I am working with Prof. Matthew Gombolay and Rohan Paleja on Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning with graph-based communication.

Teaching Assistant

CS 4731/7632 Game AI (Fall 2020)

Georgia Institute of Technology

August 2020 - Present

I was working with Dr. Stephen Lee-Urban. My main work includes writing autograders for programming assignments,  answering questions in Piazza, making quizzes, holding office hours, etc.

Undergraduate Researcher

Advanced Integrated Cyber-Physical (AICPS) Lab

University of California, Irvine

Summer 2018

I was involved in the Health IoT project advised by Professor Al Faruque and worked with Nafiul Rashid. This project is about monitoring people‚Äôs eating and drinking behaviors using the data obtained from multiple sensors, to help people maintain balanced diets and healthy life styles. In the project, I designed algorithms which employed signal processing techniques and machine learning algorithms to process the data, extracted features from the data and estimated the behaviors of eating and drinking.

Undergraduate Researcher

Bionic Intelligent Robot Lab

South China University of Technology

April 2016 - June 2019

I worked on Robotics and Machine Learning under the supervision of Professor Zhijun Zhang. I focused on controlling and training the humanoid robot, enabling it to replicate and imitate behaviors demonstrated by the human both online and offline.

Research Intern

Shunde Zhike Intelligence Sci & Tech (Foshan) Co., Ltd.

January 2018 - May 2018

I worked on the motion generation and motion planning of the humanoid robot arms with Mr. Lingdong Kong. We aimed to design more efficient and robust schemes to generate motions of the redundant manipulators which can be applied to the humanoid robots.